we are pleased that you visit our site where our stud dog Balthazar from Georgiberg is presented. He was born on 10.09.2011 at our breeder Sandra Efeceoglu in the kennel "vom Georgiberg" in Bavaria (Germany).


Balthazar is a tall and strong, spirited male. He is characterized by his extraordinary friendly and open-minded nature.


He loves to work and implements it with great eagerness. His willingness to work and his drive are very high. He is always sovereign and open-minded towards his environment.


These features makes Balthazar an excellent companion, family member, sports & exhibition dog.


 In the course of the years Balthazar has experienced some moves and has thereby got to know quite early different training places and education methods. Now he lives near the North Sea in Friesland (Germany).

We´ll keep you informed about the career of Balthazar an wish lot of fun!